The original Mayfield (pictured), ten freshman from Crawford House.

The Nashville ReVU began as an idea to help bridge the gap between Commons and Main Campus, and to give new students an insider’s guide to navigating life at Vanderbilt and in the Nashville area. We set out as freshman, applying to live in a Mayfield Lodge together to pursue this project. The goal was to create a source for students to get first-hand reviews and information on everything from personal care and dining, to computer repair and entertainment venues. Through our exploration of Nashville, the ten of us became even closer friends as we accumulated reviews and made memories together. Towards the end of sophomore year, we decided that we needed a way to share our experiences with the rest of Vanderbilt, so we set out to create a website. This became our new goal, and we applied to spend a second year living in Mayfield 4 together. With study abroad and countless other interests, our second year began with a few new faces in the lodge. This year we will continue writing new reviews, and we will develop this site and advertise it to the Vanderbilt community.

Mu Phi Delta <3









Christmas Dinner in the Mayfield! (Christmas 2010)